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Autocar runs on model - Automatic technology

After a lot of research and testing efforts, our auto charging and running car product has been successfully applied on MIK Corporation's "The Matrix One" Model.

This process is an interesting story because the process of programming the path for the car on the model is already difficult, creating an automatic charging point for the car is even more difficult.

When we initially tested the product to apply Faller Car System's technology on the Model, we went through a lot of research and testing with the prototype. But each product has different terrain, also has it's difficulties along with the customer's requirement: It is necessary to have a F1 racing car as well as a car that needs high speed.

So the process of designing the chassis began and the first is how to create the F1 chassis for the scale of 1/150 and to fully attach the engine components to that frame, conundrum number 1.

How to make the engine part of the truck float on the chassis but run at high speed without causing the car to splash and still maintain the pre-set journey, conundrum number 2.

But the most difficult thing is still how to make the car stop charging automatically at the right point without the user having to take their own car out of the model to charge it separately every day, this problem makes the whole Electrical System team had to work so hard. They tested hundreds of times of disassembly and installation to match the programming time with the stopping distance of the car then the most difficult problem was finally solved.

"After each product, we accumulate a lot of experience. And we continue on the path of research and development to have more new technology applications for customers" - The leader of Viet Model RnD's team said.

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