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Automatically elevate and lower the model by programming system

We had researched and developed for a long time, but until we carried out projects of MIK Group, Viet Model had opportunity to apply this technology into product.

Although our RnD team did carefully research experiments, we still faced some problems cause of terrain of product. However our team made a great job that was beyond expectation of customer.

In this product, Viet Model had applied two propulsion systems: one system pushing straight up by the engine, and the other one opening the floor to push the under block. The problem appread with the second one, the coupling between the control software and the mechanical part to command the control couldn't work properly and needed to be tested a few times.

The precision mechanics are always the hardest part to handle to ensure the product can operate in any terrain, so our team had paid great attention to handling this problem from the design stage. And the results were also not beyond the expectations of the Customer.

We would like to invite you to watch the video below.

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