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Celebrating 18 years of Viet Model company establishment and development!

On April 24, 2006, Viet Model Co., Ltd. was officially established with an initial 10 members. After 18 years of companionship and development, we have written many stories with over 400 members who have worked at the company.

The age of 18 represents an emotional and proud journey of the entire Viet Model team. We appreciate the efforts of each member, and the trust of customers, and partners. Carrying the spirit of Growth in 2024, the Viet Model team aims to commemorate the company's founding day with joy and enthusiasm. Together, we have built a solid foundation so that now, Viet Model strives together to reach new goals and successes at the age of 18.

Each team participating in the Run to Reach race has shown special love for Viet Model to celebrate this special day. Their goals are not just numbers but also special marks, an indispensable part of the brand's development:

  •  2404 - Viet Model Co., Ltd. was officially established - the beginning of a pioneering and creative journey.

  •  2024 - Viet Model officially turns 18, a milestone with many new goals.

  •  899 projects have been completed and delivered to customers.

  •  1228 business trips have been carried out.

  •  938 weeks old, equivalent to 18 years of Viet Model's development.

  •  424 pieces of personnel have accompanied the Viet Model.

Viet Model sincerely thanks all members, customers, and partners who have always trusted and accompanied us throughout the 18-year journey! Happy 18th anniversary! Soar high!

From Viet Model Team

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