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Lighting control system by touch screen programmed on the computer

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

For high-end systems requiring sophisticated control, this system is a complete solution to meet all the most advanced needs by many advantages that other systems can hardly match, which are:

- Control multi-gate more than a building: The number of ports that can be controlled in this system can be up to 3,000 gates or more, meaning that it is possible to control each house in the project, each apartment in the building to select the object that you need to display.

- The database management system is programmed with many different sales scenarios, allowing to display the sales schedule in each phase of the project, by month, by quarter, and by changing sales scenarios continuously, regularly with a software specifically designed for system administrators.

- Integrated multi-touch control: by touch screen fixed on the model, or by mobile device with real-time interaction.

- Integrate the project introduction scenarios to convey project's informations in the most vivid way to customers, but the scenarios can be changed at any time by reprogramming the system's software.

- System software is designed specifically to ensure the brand image of the project, enhance information provision by updating the project's construction videos and images at any time.

- The ability to upgrade and change hardware and software systems allows the system to be reused into other products of the same application.

With the above advantages, the light control system by touch screen through a host computer and many output control devices can allow many users to control at the same time with many different needs to introduce the project to each individual client. The customizability of the system allows to change and update the lighting script regularly to control according to the user's wishes at any time.

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