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Newsletter No 1-2024 | Vietnam through architectural models

From the North to the South, we can behold a vast and majestic Vietnam, diverse and abundant with countless natural and man-made beauties. It would be a wonderful experience to personally visit the provinces and cities to admire our beloved homeland, Vietnam. However, there is another special way to immerse oneself in the authentic and lively atmosphere. Let Viet Model take you on a journey from the Northern mountains to the coastal areas of Central Vietnam and explore the rivers and waters of the Southern region through architectural models.

24 provinces and cities, over 600 architectural models. These numbers may not be overwhelmingly large, but they will likely make you love and appreciate the myriad colors and facets of Vietnam even more. Join the Viet Model in stepping into the provinces and cities of our homeland through the video below!

From Viet Model Team

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