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Newsletter No10-2023: Creativity in designing villa model

Trusted partner for nearly 20 years

Viet Model is proud to have accompanied Ecopark from the first day of laying the foundation for the journey of creating green cities which is award of the most prestigious awards in Vietnam and internationally. Starting with the 1/2000 scale Ecopark planning model implemented in 2006, up to now, Viet Model has completed more than 30 architectural models with many creative solutions to emphasize the typical green areas of the model in each project.

For nearly 20 years, Ecopark Group has always been a reliable partner of Viet Model on the journey of bringing sustainable values to clients.

Following the success of many previous projects, Square Street super villa and Marina Mid-Rise Townhouse with a ratio of 1/30, belonging to Eco Central Park Vinh, is marked as a new step in the cooperation journey of the two businesses.

From Viet Model Team


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