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Newsletter No11-2023: Long Bien District Planning - Unique Perspectives Under Architectural Model

Long Bien District is evolving into an increasingly desirable place to live, setting a benchmark for the construction and development of a sophisticated, cultured, and modern urban environment. With the ambitious goal of comprehensive and robust district development, the Long Bien District planning model, with a scale of 1/2000, executed by the Viet Model team, has become a visual map supporting the overall district development direction. By presenting a comprehensive overview of the entire district on a model with an area of 21.2m2, the research and analysis process of projects has become more flexible and efficient.

The production process of the Long Bien District planning model involves close collaboration between Viet Model and the Long Bien District Land Development Center. The authentic and vibrant representation of Long Bien District under the architectural model creates unique experiences for customers, allowing easy observation from geographical positions to the characteristics of each district area. Large and small structures, including the bridge and road systems, are meticulously annotated by the Viet Model team to enhance recognition during observation and analysis.

Over the course of 20 years of construction and development, numerous transformations have unfolded throughout the entire district, marked by the initiation and ongoing realization of various projects. This necessitates our commitment to accurately and comprehensively update the records handed over by our clients. Having successfully completed the process of researching and updating nearly 300 projects spanning the entire district, Viet Model has concluded the production phase and delivered products to customers on schedule and with the expected quality. The planning model for Long Bien district carries the pride and hope of Viet Model, aiming towards commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Long Bien District - a journey filled with significance and success.

We cordially invite our valued customers and partners to admire the images of Long Bien District through the footage above!


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