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Newsletter No2-2024 | 168 hours installation of Bay of Lights model in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Traveling over 1500km to reach the coastal city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Viet Model successfully brings the Bay of Lights architectural model back home. In this collaboration with Canopy Sands - Prince Group, Viet Model presents the Bay of Lights model at a scale of 1/700 with an upgraded and modernized appearance.

On the second trip to Cambodia, the installation site for the model is positioned right at the heart of the Bay of Lights project, located in the city of Sihanoukville. The distinctive feature of this Bay of Lights installation lies in the spatial structure of the Theatre Room, which has a circular area and is enveloped by a vaulted ceiling from above. The Bay of Lights model is installed close to the wall, positioned directly beneath a large curved LED screen. The total area occupied by the model constitutes half of the room's space, providing a sense of balance and harmony between the exhibition space and the seating area.

A new feature in this model is the integration of Projection Mapping technology, requiring Viet Model technicians to accurately install the projection and sound system amidst the pre-fixed "matrix" of equipment and wiring, while still ensuring the aesthetic appeal of the exhibition space.

Our team of 14 members completed all operations within 168 hours. It is a proud achievement for the entire Viet Model team. Sound, light, and Projection Mapping technology, are all combined within an artistic space under the "starry sky" and the visual highlight of the LED screen promises to deliver a mesmerizing performance. Stay tuned for the next images of Bay of Lights!

From Viet Model Team

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