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Newsletter No3-2022: Intergrate AR technology and Projection Mapping, why not?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Leading in architectural model manufacturing and applying technology to products in Vietnam, Viet Model understands that pioneers’ path is always full of difficulties. We know we would face many issues in researching but our R&D team considers it as a challenge to conquer, an opportunity if overcomes, Viet Model can take control of the technology and raise the level of products.

Augmented Reality or known as AR is the highlight of this product, allowing detailed information about the objects on the model. The integration of utilities enhances the experience for customers when they can both observe the model, interact and understand information about the product with simple operations. We invite you, our customers and partners to watch our latest technologically emotional video in the Newsletter in March 2022.

In the next monthly newsletter, we will present 21 year anniversary of entering the market and 16 years of establishment, Viet Model would like to present customers and partners with a video of Viet Model development. We hope that you will look forward to the next monthly Newsletter.

Viet Model Team


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