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Newsletter No3-2024 | Exploring architectural model production process at Viet Model

The Viet Model proudly reproduces the production process of the Bay of Lights model for the second time, at a scale of 1/700, to provide customers with an overview of the model while helping them understand and appreciate a large-scale project from the developer Canopy Sands, Prince Group.

A completed model must go through several crucial stages in the production process. Upon receiving the documents, we work together to brainstorm ideas that can express the project's concept. Then, we collaborate with the client to finalize technical issues, colors, and the main ideas that the project wants to convey. Once the essential information of the project is agreed upon, the model enters the production stage, simultaneously, project teams exchange and conduct internal inspections. This stage aims to gain experience and address any arising issues while also managing personnel and product quality matters. Departments regularly report and exchange relevant issues. After each stage, we conduct client inspections at 60%, 80%, and 100% according to the project schedule.

Project teams are formed including project managers and representatives from each department. Daily, project managers daily check product quality, actively scheduling weekly meetings to review the products progress. Whenever there are unexpected issues, all members of the Viet Model are always ready to participate in the model production process.

We take pride in completing two Bay of Lights models, and we are even prouder when the Viet Model team sees our customers' joy, satisfaction, and expressions of gratitude. We invite you to follow along with the production process and share the joy with the Viet Model team through the video above!

From Viet Model Team

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