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Newsletter No4-2022: Viet Model - Breakthrough at 16

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Viet Model proudly presents customers, partners and friends with emotional images of a 16 year journey of development. 16 years, a journey of changing, developing, perfecting every step to create top quality model.

In parallel with the process of affirming the position and brand, Viet Model constantly builds and develops internal culture according to its own identity, the "Vietnamese Model" identity. That identity is expressed naturally, gently but deeply, and as evidenced by the emotions of each MHVer through internal activities. Those are the smiles, the happiness from deep in the eyes of team members.

Prosperity is as simple as that, prosperity comes from simple things but from deep inside, individual flourishes –explode as a group! The happiness of Viet Model is to bring its colors, energy and creativity to customers with quality and effective products, with the prestige of a united team.

In the next issue, Viet Model would like to invite customers, partners and friends to visit our factory to discover the process of MHVer blowing life for beautiful landscapes on each individual model.

Viet Model team


Music : Roa - Tiny Love

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