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Newsletter No5-2022: How are model plants crafted in Viet Model?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As promised from April, in this May Newsletter, we would like to invite customers and partners to "visit" Viet Model's factory to follow each stage of manufacturing our products.

The location of the "tour" is the Landscape Department of Viet Model, where vivid products and landscape details are born. A standard product, meeting the requirements of the customer, needs to go through many stages from developing drawings to preparing materials and finishing.

This process requires the participation of 5 Artisans with almost 7 hours of work. In which, attaching leaves is the stage that requires the most sophisticated and meticulous, Viet Model artisans need to work for 4 hours, followed by stem bending equivalent to 1 hour of work and many elaborate stages such as developing drawing, leaf cutting, stem treatment, stem painting.

We invite customers, partners and friends to watch the detailed video above. In the next issue, Viet Model would like to send to you pictures of the most impressive models in the first 6 months of 2022.

From Viet Model Team


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