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Newsletter No9-2023: Detail From Architectural Model To Real Life

VALLEY PARK RESIDENCES is a central subdivision located within the suburban resort villa complex "Thanh Xuan Valley", owned by investor BIM Group. Possessing a green design close to nature and integrated with many modern amenities, the Park Zone subdivision is considered to bring visitors many different and classy resort experiences.

In order to portray the beauty of the project according to the proposed concept, nearly 10,000 trees were used by Viet Model artisans to recreate the fresh space of hundreds of years old pine trees on a 1/500 scale model. Specifically, 90 percent of the trees arranged are hand-crafted pine trees, and the rest is Taiwanese almond trees planted along the routes. Although we used a lot of trees in the model, each tree detail has its own unique look.

Nestled in the immense green are resort villas that bring a breath of modernity and comfort. Artists of the Viet Model have calculated and arranged the locations of pine trees interwoven between the villas to bring a sense of harmony between people and nature in the romantic Pine Hill. Every detail of the plants and resorts of Valley Park Residences creates a unique and sophisticated subdivision for the Thanh Xuan Valley project.

Please immerse yourself in the freshness and uniqueness of Valley Park Residences through the video above!


From Viet Model Team


Music: Cherry Blossom – Filo Starquez

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