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Open villa's roof scale 1-50 - Elevating and Lowing Technology

With every single product, we will specialize to apply the most suitable technology - this is the solution which Viet Model always wants to bring to our customers.

A villa model will become more attractive if viewers can see the interior and layout of the interior space inside it. Understanding this, Viet Model had applied propulsion control technology to open the villa's roof to help viewers fully discover a perfect design and the utilities contained.

Beyond the expectations of our customers, we have secretly incorporated these technologies into our products. And at the first time viewed, our customers were pleasantly surprised by this unexpected gift. With a small scale model of 1/50 had interior that was meticulously followed the drawings, the roof opening motor is arranged with a small copper struts which was only 6mm radius to ensure the product's aesthetic. Our criteria is not only technology, but also respect for the design and high aesthetics of the product.

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