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Production Bay Of Lights Project

Last June and July, Viet Model welcomed the first project from Cambodia - the Bay of Lights Project from Canopy Sands developer, a member of Prince Holding Group.

The journey of realizing ideas into model masterpieces always starts with the smallest steps. For us, 50 continuous working days regardless of day and night of each MHVer artisan is a memorable series of days to bring a quality product to customers. From initial concept discussions to production stages such as rough splicing, circuit assembly, and meticulous fabrication of every detail in the model, we always work together in harmony and put the heart of the artists into the model.

The first look at the production process of the Bay of Lights model was revealed in turn to thank the efforts of the Viet Model team. Watch with Viet Model to see authentic footage of the process of creating a finished model through the video below!

Light up the Bay of Lights, which has also ignited the passion and pride of the pioneers! Let's look forward to the completed images of the Bay of Lights model in the upcoming content.

From Viet Model Team



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