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While working with customers from Australia, we understand that there are regional attributes that we need to understand carefully, about the characteristics of the transport system, details of the road signs, the properties of the traffic, priority of bike lanes, in terms of right-hand drive traffic, we need to understand the regional attributes of each project.

However, no matter how carefully we learn, we cannot avoid mistakes. First, it's about the need for cyclists in Australia to wear a helmet. Oh, safety comes first, so we reprocess it into helmets. Next, cyclists on Australian are not allowed to ride in the back seat, which means having the back seat person removed. It's tough, but since it's the law, you can't break the law even on the Model.

That's it, the lessons we learn are only small, but will accumulate more and more experience for the team. The more carefully the team works with customers, the more interesting the team feels because it is able to discover the weaknesses that they have not recognized to change and adjust. And those are the valuable intangible assets of any business.

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