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Viet Model launches internal running event "Run to Reach"

With the spirit of 'Healthy to Rise in 2024', Viet Model officially launched an internal running challenge called 'Run to Reach'.

This is a highly anticipated annual sports event within our company, eagerly awaited by all members throughout the year. Let's join the program organizers in welcoming six promising teams from the Viet Model.

👉 Team 1: Joyful | Fresh no irrigation

👉 Team 2: Love Season 2 | Running surpassing targets

👉 Team 3: Never stop trying | Unity, we will overcome all challenges

👉 Team 4: Speedy Dragons | Run, Eat, Roll

👉 Team 5: Eagles and Sparrows | Give your best, enjoy every moment

👉 Team 6: Hanoi - Melbourne | Hanoi reaching out to Melbourne

Stay tuned and accompany the Viet Model team’s running journey in the time ahead!

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