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Warm Mid-Autumn Festival At Viet Model

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

This year's full moon season, Viet Model once again welcomed lovely little angels to visit. With the desire to bring the most memorable experiences during the Tet reunion, Viet Model's aunts and uncles transformed themselves into the moon lady and the moon boy played together with the children's interesting folk games. From the program space to the beautiful little gift packages, we meticulously decorate and send best wishes to the children.

The smiles of the children and the joy of each family at Model Viet have made the Mid-Autumn Festival brighter than ever. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Viet Model would like to send special wishes to the children:

We wish the children always be fun, happy, and full of energy and creativity.

Wishing all children a new school year full of success and progress in their studies.

Wishing the children to always be with their family and friends, enjoying memorable moments together.

Wishing you all always keep in your hearts the wonderful memories from this Mid-Autumn Festival.

From Viet Model Team

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